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Through Rust We Are Retuned

What is Through Rust We Are Retuned?

9/2020 – 5/2021 | Team Size: 19

Through Rust We Are Returned is a turn-based tactics RPG with a heavy focus on entwining narrative and progression. Set in a Victorian-Cyberpunk twist on the British Empire, you play as Angel as she fights to regain her lost memories and correct past mistakes. Along this journey, you’ll uncover Angel’s forgotten past and encounter a variety of different characters, some of whom will become permanent allies.


The Memory Map

I developed the mechanics for the game's dual narrative and gameplay progression system called "The Memory Map." I was also responsible for creating all 41 unique powers (both skills and description text) found within it. For more info on my work developing the Memory Map, see my project reel video.

Screenshot (139).png

Creative Direction

As the team's Creative Director, I worked closely with both the art and sound subteams to ensure the game had a cohesive creative vision.


Original Plot

As the game's writer, I created the full plot of Through Rust We Are Returned along with detailed documentation allowing me to effectively communicate it to the other members of the team.

For an example of my narrative documentation, download the full Through Rust We Are Returned plot summary document here.


Cutscene Implementation 

All 19 cutscenes found in Through Rust We Are Returned were hand-built by myself using Fungus. I also developed the character portraits found in those cutscenes via taking the game's pre-existing modular art assets and reposing them within Adobe Photoshop. 

Multimedia Storytelling

Throughout development, I created multimedia artifacts to build excitement about the project and expand the game's story through other media platforms. These artifacts included the Wage Slaves tabletop RPG, a "lets play" of Wage Slaves with other members of the development team, and an interactive map of the game's setting.

If you are interested in seeing the tabletop RPG I developed set in the world of the game, download it here!

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