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Soul Reaper

What is Soul Reaper?

(Internship)  9/2019 – 12/2019

(Contract)  5/2020 – 7/2020 | Team Size: 7

Soul Reaper is a classic JRPG inspired role-playing game where you take on the role of the Soul Reaper: a powerful being with the ability to steal monsters' souls and then deploy them to fight for you in combat. The game contains a wide variety of creatures, tons of pieces of loot, breathtaking art, and intriguing tactical decisions as you craft the perfect squad of souls to lead to victory.




One of my most time-consuming tasks working on Soul Reaper was implementing its cutscenes using Fungus. By the end of development, I had implemented all 100+ of the game's cutscenes into the build.


Dialogue Writing

I was also responsible for writing the vast majority of dialogue found within the game totaling to over 100 unique interactions.


QA Testing

Because of the team's small size, I also assisted the team in QA events hosted by GamePlay Space throughout Montreal. 


Original Narrative

As the game's writer, I created the full plot of Soul Reaper along with detailed documentation allowing me to effectively communicate it to the other members of the team.


Naming Creatures

When I first joined Power Level Studios, one of my initial tasks was to name many of the game's cast of creatures. To both rapidly name them and create interesting names, I used Latin roots to help me discover different words related to the creature's basic concepts. By the time I was done, I created 50 unique creature names.

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