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Five-Finger Gunslinger

Five-Finger Gunslinger is a third-person online arena-battle game where players compete against their friends to become the most popular kid in the west. Battle evil cactus-bandits and pelt your opponents with water balloons as you struggle for suburban supremacy! 

What is Five-Finger Gunslinger?

1/2020 – 8/2020 | Team Size: 7

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Systems Design

As the game's lead designer, I developed all systems present in the final build. I also created thorough documentation to communicate these mechanics to the other team members.



While I am not an animator by trade, I learned a lot about animation since this team lacked a dedicated animator. Using both Unity's animator and Mixamo, I was able to animate all characters present in the game.


Shader Graphs

Because I wore a lot of hats on this project, I even used Unity's Shader Graph system to create unique effects including the game's water shader.


Three Unique Characters

Developed mechanics for three unique characters to ensure they each had varied and engaging powers. 

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