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What is ReGlow?

ReGlow is a unique platformer about light and darkness. The player takes control of Dr. Alec, a scientist who has awoken to realize that something has gone terribly wrong in the underground research base Basilisk. Strange red slime creatures have infested the base and seem to be attaching themselves to the other scientists, transforming them into horrific monsters!  It's now up to Alec to fight his way through the underground caves and discover the truth about these strange invaders. 


My Involvement In ReGlow

Reglow was a pet project I developed for about two and a half years in high school that went through a multitude of phases. I designed, programmed, and did all the art for the game.

Collect Shards

Wander through underground caverns collecting shards to increase the radius of light around your character

Sketch Arrow 2

Check out some of the game's features below


Battle Enemies

Battle the strange slime creatures inhabiting the darkness by blasting them away with your pulse-rifle


Illuminate Levels

Your pulse-rifle is also equipped with a shard launcher that allows you to fire glowing crystals to light up the level around you


Uncover the Mystery

What happened to Dimensional Base Basilisk? What are these slime creatures and how are they linked to the disappearance of your fellow scientists?


And who keeps leaving you messages on the walls...

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