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Getting Ready for Greenlight

Currently, my team is hard at work.

This Wednesday, all the junior production teams at my school will attend what is called "The Greenlight Presentation". This is where we all show off our games and find out who is moving forward with their game this semester and who is getting cut. My team strives to move forward, so we have been working hard.

Kid water balloon attack!!!

This week, I got the flu, and when I recovered and got back to work, I found that the proj ect was looking incredible. We've implemented tons of art, the core gameplay loop is working perfectly, and we still have three more days to begin adding animations and content before we present the project on Wednesday. We, on top of all this, also had the opportunity to connect with and interview local Burlington kids about the game and collect tons of feedback and game ideas (since our game is about being a kid and playing outside).

For this week, I've so far been working on a lot on filming (and editing our interview footage) to help get our presentation ready. I'm about to move into working on level design and I've already gotten our character model rigged and ready for animation.

I think part of what has made these weeks so productive has been the pressure of Greenlight. I can feel at every meeting and work session that everyone's chief priority is to not let their teammates down.

On top of all the work we've done, this week has also been tricky because we've needed to do some adapting of our game concept. During one of our pitches to our class, we received feedback about trying to make sure the game wasn't violent (since its about kids play-fighting). We addressed this issue by changing our theme for the kids pretending to be army soldiers to kids being cowboys and cowgirls and focused on making sure players understood that all weapons the kids were using are toys. We also changed "ego points" (a kind of points the player gains throughout the match) to "coolness points" since the kids we interviewed liked it better.

I'm so incredibly hopeful that this project will move through Greenlight, and if it does, I'll make more posts going into detail about what the game actually is. Throughout this project, I'm once again finding myself astounded at the quality of work and the passion of my teammates.

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