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Grim Prospects

What is Grim Prospects?

Grim Prospects is an unrealized top-down action rogue-like where the player must make their way through levels of a procedurally generated western mine fighting all manner of monsters and struggling with their own sanity. As the player progresses through the game, their light source will begin to flicker and some enemies and pickups will vanish when the player attacks or interacts with them. What's real? What's dangerous? How long can you survive?

Grim Prospects VDD.png

Dark Atmosphere

Enjoy the game's dark, brooding atmosphere as you seek gold and glory in the mine 

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Check out this handy document above and some of the game's features below

My Involvement In Grim Prospects

I developed Grim Prospects during my first year of college and while I still haven't released the game, I am incredibly proud of it.  I designed, programmed, and did all the art for the game myself.

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Battle the Horror

Skittering insects, blasphemous cultists, and even the living dead stand between you and unlimited riches

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Procedural Levels

The mine is different every time you play so you'll never know just what waits for you in the darkness...

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Creatures vanish from sight, strange whispering grows ever louder in your head and the very light shrinks in around you: what is this place?

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