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Dune: Death Commando

A short portfolio-piece where you take on the role of Idras: a Fedaykin Death Commando from the universe of Frank Herbert's Dune books.

Dune: Death Commando was a project I developed in my Game Tech 2 class while studying abroad in Montreal. The primary goal of the project was to show my proficiency with Unity's High Definition Render Pipeline by creating a short yet visually appealing portfolio piece. 

This project was solo-developed over the span of a school semester with the use of a few external tools including UFPS, Fungus, Adobe Fuse and Mixamo.

What is Dune: Death Commando?

9/2019 – 12/2019 | Team Size: 1

Check out my work on the game below!


Unity HDRP

Built with Unity's High Definition Render Pipeline so volumetric lighting and stunning shaders could be incorporated.


3rd Person Shooter

Blast enemies with your Maula Pistol but watch out! Attacking too many enemies at once could land you in an unfavorable situation...


Melee Combat

Eliminate enemies stealthily and quickly using your Crysknife.



Play through a short, hand-crafted tale set in the Universe of Frank Herbert's Dune books.

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